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Signage – An important marketing tool for businesses


When thinking about small business marketing, the standard means of promotion such as newspaper ads and postcard mailings most often come to mind.  While these “tried and true” methods can be effective, they are not the most cost efficient for a business just getting off the ground.

Local newspaper ads don’t draw very much attention for the size and it is difficult to stand out.   Filming a television ad can be very costly, and a poorly made one can make your business appear unprofessional.

Small businesses need to immediately gain visibility and build brand recognition in the minds of consumers, but how?  This can be achieved in an easy and rapid way:  through the use of effective signage.  By putting a company name, logo, and contact information on things like window decals, car door magnets, and lawn signs customers are quickly introduced to your business for a very small investment.

But how and where you use these various products is paramount to success.

Location, Location, Location

A prime retail location can make all the difference for a new business.  Being in a high traffic area almost guarantees that people will be drawn into your store and at the very least aware of the products or services you provide.  Of course, these locations come with a price which often excludes a small business.  This doesn’t mean however that a business is out of luck if it is in a less-traveled area.

Make sure to keep the sign simple so people can understand what you are advertising as they are passing.  Using your logo and message on the sign will also help to build your brand.  Someone may not be in need of your service now, but they will be more likely to remember you in the future if they are continuously exposed to your services.  Holding specials or sales on a regular basis give you another great reason to draw people into your store.  Displaying bright signs advertising the sale at the nearest busy road grabs people’s attention and alerts them of the event.

Thinking Outside the Box

A small marketing budget can seem like a curse for a company just getting started.  In reality, this shouldn’t hold you back; it should just force you to be more creative.  Using signage in different ways can help set you apart from the pack when used in unique ways.  Some trial and error may be involved, but always be sure to ask your customers how they heard of you so you can get direct feedback on what works the best for your company.


by Trynka Shineman

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