WK072 Slippery Road Sign

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WK072 Slippery Road Sign

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WK072 Slippery Road

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Temporary warning and traffic signage, as outlined by Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual 2019, must be installed when carrying out work on public roads. This WK072 Slippery Road sign warns road users of a slippery surface. It should be used to warn that the danger of vehicles skidding is greater than normal. The sign is typically used where traffic is running on a temporary surface or the final surfacing has not yet been laid. This WK072 Slippery Road sign is:


  • Sized at 600mm*600mm.
  • Available in rigid 3mm Aluminium Composite or flexible 2.5mm PVC material.
  • Faced with NRA compliant, Class RA2 retroreflective material (in accordance with Table 4 of EN 12899-1).
  • Designed in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual 2019.
  • Suitable for use on public roads.
  • Suitable for fixing on frames, barriers, stakes or 1m cones.

Supplementary Plate P 085 Unfinished Surface, and Plate P 011 Cautionary Speed, may be used in conjunction with Sign WK 072.


Where roadworks are substantially complete but it is necessary for a road to remain for a period with a surface other than the permanent final surface course, Sign WK 072 should be used.  Since this is a roadworks sign with an orange background, it must be preceded by Sign WK 001 even though other TTM is removed.


WK072 Slippery Road signs are commonly employed during construction, resurfacing or utilities work. Typically users include construction companies, civils, and traffic management services.

Clear, compliant road signage helps to protect staff, contractors and road users. All our Chapter 8 road signs are designed and printed in-house at our factory in Rathcoole, Dublin.

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