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Waste Disposal Notice Sign

Waste Disposal Notice Sign

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Waste Disposed of Incorrectly

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This “Waste Disposed of Incorrectly” sign is used to identify a specific waste location and help manage waste in a healthy, safe, clean and environmentally friendly way.

This “Waste Disposed of Incorrectly Sign” is commonly used to reduce accidents on construction sites. Waste Signs increase awareness of dangers and of the importance of being committed to health and safety.

The Waste Directive 2006/12/EC defines waste as any substance or object which the holder discards, or intends or is required to discard. This can range from household waste  (e.g. card, papers, food, cans or bottles) to industrial waste (e.g. solvents, paper, card, plastic, tyres etc that are discarded as waste).

Clear and Effective Waste Signs will result in savings from the efficient management of the waste generated.

– Complies with ISO 7010 and Health & Welfare at Work Regulations 2007 (amended 2010)
– Wide choice of sizes and materials available
– Suitable for use in a large industrial plant, a small office, or for home use.

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