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Warning Crush Hazard Sign 2

Warning Crush Hazard Sign 2

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Warning – Crush Hazard

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This ‘Crush Hazard’ warning sign is used to warn of a potential crush hazard.

The main purpose of this “Warning – Crush Hazard” sign is to reduce accidents. “Warning – Crush Hazard” sign will help to improve safety awareness and reduce accidents on construction sites, farms and other working environments. “Warning – Crush Hazard” signs increase awareness of dangers and of the importance of being committed to health and safety.

Warning signs draw attention rapidly to potentially hazardous materials, objects and locations.
Well designed and produced hazard signs can help change behaviours and reduce the risk of injuries.
The symbols for hazard warning signs are contained within a triangle and are coloured black and yellow.

– Complies with ISO 7010 and Health & Welfare at Work Regulations 2007
– Suitable for use in any premises or business
– Available in a wide range of sizes and materials
– Durable & high impact – Your message made clear

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