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Photoluminescent No Children Sign

Photoluminescent No Children Sign

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Photoluminescent No Children

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This ‘Photoluminescent – No Children’ sign is used to indicate the water is not for drinking. Prohibition signs are the principle means of creating awareness of actions or items that are prohibited.  “Photoluminescent No Children” signs increase awareness of dangers and of the importance of being committed to health and safety.

The International Standard ISO 7010:2012 requires safety signage to be illuminated at all times that persons are on a premises. This can be achieved using photo luminescent signage. As they glow in the dark, photoluminescent signage ensures a guaranteed source of illumination under emergency conditions such as during a power failure or when smoke obscures lighting.

– Complies with ISO 7010 and Health & Welfare at Work Regulations 2007
– Suitable for use in any premises or business
– Available in a wide range of sizes and materials
– Durable & high impact – Your message made clear

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