Escape Route Floor Graphic

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Escape Route Floor Graphic

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Escape Route Floor Graphics direct the observer along a designated evacuation route.

Employers should use self-adhesive Escape Route Floor Graphics to mark evacuation routes out of the workplace. The installation of clear Escape Route Floor Graphics enables occupants to quickly locate an escape route in the event of an emergency.

Escape Route Floor Graphics will help your business keep staff and visitors safe. Our self-adhesive Escape Route Floor Graphics are particularly effective in logistics centres and manufacturing facilities. They are coated with an anti-slip laminate and can be applied to painted, tiled or laminate flooring.

Order Escape Route Floor Graphics online from CSS Signs. Delivered in 2-3 working days.


  • High-impact graphics. Designed to catch the eye quickly.
  • Communicates the safety message clearly and directly. Simple to read, understand and follow.
  • Coated in an anti-slip laminate to prevent slips and falls.
  • Printed on 5yr Metamark MDI Vinyl.
  • Sizes available 280*280mm, 380*380mm.
  • Save 40% on a pack of 8.
  • Designed and printed in-house by CSS Signs, at our factory in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin.
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