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Construction Site Safety Sign Pack

Construction Site Safety Sign Pack

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Construction Site – Starter Pack

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Saving of 25% over individual prices

For Construction Sites – a pack of 13 health and safety signs to ensure your site has the basic requirements for health and safety on your construction site.  Keep your staff and the public safe while setting up your construction site. 

Pack contains 13 corriboard signs:
Corriboard 500*1000mm

1 x  Site Safety Notice A
Corriboard 400*600mm
1 x  Construction Site – Keep Out
1 x  Site Entrance – Right
1 x Site Entrance – Left
1 x  Occupiers Liability
1 x  Warning – Construction Vehicles
1 x  Warning – Overhead Cables
1 x Site Safety – No Hat, No Vest, No Boots, No Job
1 x  Warning – Deep Excavation
Corriboard 300*400mm
1 x Assembly Point
1 x  First Aid
1 x  Fire Point
Corriboard 500*200mm
1 x  Site Safety Starts Here

– Our 5mm Corriboard is a robust and economical fully recyclable plastic.
– It is a lightweight weatherproof material and as such is ideal for temporary signage such as construction site and safety signs, Health and safety signs, event and temporary directional signs and auctioneers boards Corriboard is  printable, UV resistant and flame retardant.
– It is easy to using cable ties,screws or adhesive double sided tapes.
– Complies with ISO 7010 and Health & Welfare at Work Regulations 2007 (amended 2010)
– Clear Safety Signs and Directional Signs will help reduce the risks of accidents and claims during your build.

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