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HSA Inspectors target transport operation and vehicles at work

Transport Operations and Vehicles at Work – Target of HSA Inspection Campaign 

Over the next two weeks, HSA inspectors will be targeting transport and logistics companies, distribution centres and warehousing centres, manufacturing premises and waste and recycling facilities.

Over the last six years, just under half (45%) of all reported work related fatalities involved vehicles. In 2017 alone, 22 people were killed in vehicle related accidents at work. Accident statistics show that the majority of vehicle related deaths at work occurred during the manoeuvring, reversing or coupling and uncoupling of vehicles.

Over the next fortnight (dated 9th April 2018), HSA inspectors will focus on the following:

  • pedestrian management near moving vehicles
  • reversing and slow speed manoeuvres
  • loading and unloading
  • vehicle maintenance 
  • certification and safety of fork lifts,  tail lifts and lorry loader cranes.

Make sure you have the proper safety procedures in place to avoid work related accidents. 

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 For more details from the HSA press release click here

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