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How to create a memorable impression with your signage

How to Create a Memorable Impression with Your Signage

3 seconds… that’s exactly how much time you have to capture a prospect’s attention. While for some of you this might seem like a practical joke, it’s true: you only have three seconds to shine! So… let’s see… what exactly can you do in three seconds?


  • Hand them a brochure or a flyer? Not enough time…

Most of the times, brochures are used to to scribble phone numbers or just plain waste. People don’t really bother to read brochures handed out on the street, unless you really have a special offer or a free gift.


  • Try presenting verbally your unique product/service? Not enough time…

3 seconds to present your business: you will lose your prospect from the moment you say ‘Hello! May I present you this unique opportunity/product?’ People are quite busy these days; they don’t want to listen to you bragging about how unique you are. They want facts, data, and real benefits. 3 seconds are just not enough to draw them in.


  • Business signage? 3 seconds to make an impression? NO PROBLEM!

With Business Signage, this is a completely different story. Business signs describe who you are as a business. They can be located in high traffic areas, on cars, fridge magnets or windows. Four great benefits of business signage are closely related to the 3 seconds effect:

  • Boosting sales revenue;
  • Attracting new customers;
  • Enhance purchases based on impulse;
  • Strengthen your brand, with customized colours, logos and messages.

When it comes to creating a memorable impression with your business signage, there are a few aspects you need to keep in mind. First of all, the location is essential for fully taking advantage of your 3 seconds of glory. Being in a high traffic area is the best possible option, and clients will be drawn into your store/office without even realising. Of course, an essential condition is that the business signs are modern, catchy, highly visible and detailed.


Rules of Design

  • Make sure the business sign displays the company name, logo, message and contact details (phone, perhaps website).
  • Use bright signage when you want to advertise a sale; it always works, alerting people about your special offers. They don’t need more than 3 seconds to react to a great offer displayed on a bright, colourful sign!

Another way you can draw the customers’ attention in 3 seconds is to use signage and graphics on cars and commercial vehicles. Do you ever think how much time we spend behind the wheel? Cars can be easily used as mobile billboards for your business.  The most popular type of business signage for cars are vehicle decals and car magnets. With minimum financial input you can achieve higher visibility simply by driving around the city.

  • Remember: your logo, message, company name and contact details should be simple, yet professional. Displaying the logo on all forms of signage will contribute to building your brand image.

3 seconds – it is all you have to impress the customer. Make sure you make the best of it by using diverse and professional business signage. If you worry about the budget, here is a small piece of advice: you don’t have to invest a small fortune; all you need to do is be creative and highlight that unique quality that sets your business apart from the rest of the competitors!

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