Photoluminescent Signs

Always guiding the way towards safety

Photoluminescent signs guide people to safety even under low visibility conditions such as smoke or a power failure. They are highly visible to the human eye in the dark and can be recharged any number of times by exposure to natural or artificial light.

They are ideal for directing people to fire-fighting and life-saving equipment, emergency escape routes and for marking exits, stairways, corridors, directions, safety procedures and hazards.

As safety at sea requires maximum performance for extended periods without reliance on batteries or generators, we also supply a range of photoluminescent Maritime Safety signs. These are used to highlight vital information in both light and dark conditions.  They are compliant with the ISO24409 regulations which govern the design, location, and use of shipboard safety signs, safety-related signs, safety notices and safety markings.

Our photoluminescent signs comply with PSPA requirements for safety signs when tested to DIN 67510 Part 1.




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