Safe Condition Signs

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By law Employers are required to provide Health & Safety Signage to draw attention to potentially hazardous objects and situations. Safe condition signs (Information Signs) are used to create awareness of emergency locations, rescue equipment, facilities and exits.

  • We produce a wide range of Information signs, standard or customised to your needs.
  • We can include your name and/or full colour logo – no additional charge.
  • We print on a wide variety of substrates such as recyclable Corriboard (normally for short term usage, PVC, Foamex, Labels/Stickers, Aluminium and Aluminium composites.
  • A common size is 400*600mm but we can print any size you require. Laminated Signs can be provided whereadditional protection is needed
  • Prices start from €7.00 per unit excluding VAT per sign for 400*600mm size depending on volume


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