Electrical Safety Signs

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Most workplaces have electrical hazards which have the potential to threaten employee or customer or visitor safety. Safety signs can improve the safety of the workplace by identifying dangers and reminding employees of good electrical safety procedures. As an employer it is your responsibility to clearly identify electrical hazards with signs and provide information to employees and customers. CSS Signs provide clear long lasting electrical safety signs and labels/stickers to suit all conditions and locations, indoor and outdoor.

The main electrical hazards are contact with live parts causing shock and burns, faults which could cause fires, and fire or explosion where electricity could be the source of ignition in flammable or explosive atmospheres (ATEX). The risk of injury is increased in wet or damp conditions.








CSS Signs can help your organisation in many ways to meet the recommendations of the electrical authorities for increasing electrical safety:

  • Ensuring staff know locations of emergency switches and isolating devices, first aid equipment, escape routes.
  • Electrical equipment training procedures
  • Appropriate PPE use
  • Restricting access to certain areas
  • Identifying emergency escape routes
  • Identifying locations of underground and overhead cables

CSS Signs Electrical Safety Signs come in a wide variety of sizes and materials from small labels to very large aluminium laminated signs.


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