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Information & Mandatory Signs

Prohibition & Hazard Signs

e are health & safety signs experts and working with us means you are working with an industry leading Sign Company. We have worked with schools, hospitals, large corporations and small offices to build health, safety, warning and hazard signs; We provide temporary and permanent solutions and can work within your budget and time requirements.


The Main Categories of Health & Safety Signs Are(click below to view catalogue)

Hazard Warning Signs

Prohibition Signs

Mandatory Signs

Information Signs

Employers must provide health or safety signs, or both where hazards or dangers cannot be avoided or reduced in other ways. The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Regulations 2007 and the related 2010 guidelines mainly govern safety signs. The primary objective of safety signs is to draw attention rapidly and unambiguously to objects and situations capable of causing specific hazards. A safety sign provides information about safety or health using a combination of shape, colour and symbols. Text may be included on a supplementary signboard to give clarity. It is the responsibility of employers to give information on the meaning and requirement of signs, especially where supplementary text is included.

For a better understanding of our capabilities take a look at the list below for some examples of health and safety solutions we have made. Alternatively, you can browse the portfolio above or read some of our client testimonials.

  • Fire Exit signs and graphics
  • No Smoking signs and graphics
  • Fire Assembly signs and graphics
  • Exit signs and graphics
  • Hazard signs and graphics
  • Instruction signs and graphics

  • Prohibition signs & graphics
  • Caution signs & graphics
  • Positive action signs & graphics
  • Mandatory signs & graphics
  • Information signs & graphics
  • Warning signs & graphics

Health & Safety Signs Colours

  • Red for prohibition
  • Yellow for caution
  • Green for positive action
  • Blue for mandatory actions
  • O Discs for prohibitions and instructions
  • Δ Triangles for warnings
  •  Squares and rectangles for emergency and information signs


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