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Signs & Graphic essentials to stop the spread of Coronavirus

Information is a key factor in our efforts to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. As organisations gradually get back to our new version of normal, it will be critical for them to:

  • Inform people of their new procedures
  • Measure out and mark safe distances for entry, queues, and handling products
  • Direct traffic to minimise interactions and keep staff, customers and the public safe

Clear signs and graphics are needed to achieve these aims.

CSS Signs business for many years has revolved around health and safety signs. We are now providing Covid 19 signs and floor graphics to businesses and organisations -from construction and pharmaceutical to logistics, government and educational.

We have a range of coronavirus signs and floor graphics on our online shop at or contact us directly if you have specific needs.

Because we design and manufacture in-house we can easily customise signs and graphics to any individual requirements. 

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