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Business signs – A customer’s view

Business Signs from a Customer’s View

Marketing is a tricky business, from many points of view. There are many things to consider before engaging in creating that unbeatable marketing campaign. Converting your business vision into a marketable idea is probably the most difficult task. However, once you manage to come up with that catchy business message, you have a eye catching, modern logo and your customised company colours; you are ready for the next stage – advertising methods.

It is good to know that for the best result, you need to make use of multiple marketing methods. The more varied the choices, the more customers you can attract. The key to a successful marketing campaign is to always keep count of the clients’ needs and opinions. How can you achieve that? Simple! Market research, surveys, pools are just some of the methods generally used to collect information used for building marketing campaigns. However, do those methods clearly reflect what your target market wants from your business? Let’s take a concrete example: business signs. Well, the best way to build your business signs marketing strategy is to put yourself in the customers’ shoes.  Try to see what they see, think what they think, and feel what they feel. Here are some guidelines that you can use to see your business from the customer’s perspective:

  • Research the target market

When it comes to business signs, aiming at the target market is an essential factor. Therefore, think about your clients, in terms of age, sex, religion, needs and preferences. For example, if you sell children clothing and accessories, make sure your business sign is colourful, with funny fonts and a catchy message for parents. Don’t use sleek writing or avant-garde designs with modern colours – your target clients will most probably ignore it.

  • Keep business sign clean, visible and shiny at all times

It might seem like something unimportant, but keeping your business sign clean and with intact graphics is something you really need to take care of. Prospect clients will never be able to see your sign graphics, message or logo if the sign is covered with dirt or if the letters are faded. Also a dirty sign will give the perception that your product/service is not up to the highest standards. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance are required.

  • Pay attention to the design

The design of your business sign must reflect your brand. Don’t try to be too extrovert with the graphics nor use complicated fonts. The sign must be easy to read and understand and easily perceived by any interested clients. In addition, it must be large enough to draw attention.

  • Create an unforgettable logo

Create a catchy, significant logo and make sure you display it right on your business sign and on all the other marketing materials, including flyers, promotional items, banners, online ads. Your brand will be recognised and this will convert to better profits.

  • Use mobile signage advertising

Have you ever considered how busy people are today? They drive to work, drive to the shops, collect their kids from school… so they are always on the move, so be sure to keep that in mind when you use business signs. With well a designed business signage strategy and well positioned signs, people can find solutions to their needs while doing their daily routine. If you are there, you will be noticed!

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